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Red Bike is a famous old horse. He always runs well in public and knows the course thoroughly. He met with a slight accident in training through colliding with another animal, but I am assured by David (Cooper), the Vet., that he is expected to get there.

J.P., Spring Clean and The Gardener are in the same stable. I am informed that J.P. will just about win. The horse is handicapped nicely and will be suited by the dry course. He is a horse with beautiful manners, and I am told will be strongly supported by the fair sex.

Food Production and Dutch Oven are well-known old horses, steady and reliable, and I expect them to run well.

Ucal and The Corporal are entered in both races.

Black Mo, Super Phosphate, The Striker and The Ganger are in the recently opened new stable. The stable is run, we are informed, for the good of the general public, which is rather a novelty in a racing stable.

The Ganger is rather excitable, and shows impatience at the starting gate. In fact, on one or two occasions, he has broken through the tape.

Farmer Giles and Weekly Visitor are in the Broadholme Gorse stable. I am told the recent wet weather interfered with their preparation.

Casey's Pride and Alfred the Great are in the dangerous Syke Lane stable, which may back them heavily at the starting price and, if so, I should advise the public to watch them.

The Puncher is the dark horse of the race. I have seen him at exercise and like his general appearance.

To sum up, I expect the winner to be J.P., with Red Bike, Food Production, Dutch Oven, Black Mo and Super Phosphate close up.

Yours, etc., “DINGO”

District and Parish Council Elections – April 1919

Our recent Parish Council election sparked interest throughout the village, with ‘Facebook’ being widely used for topical discussion.

Nearly 100 years ago, a contested election was also followed keenly, even to the extent of one parishioner publishing a satirical newsletter (and I thought satire was only a product of the 1960's).

Racing Tips’, written by “Dingo”, was printed and published by Ernest Stebbings, the local printer, whose works were at the rear of 81 High Street.

All the candidates have been given pseudonyms, but thanks to someone from the past, the real names have been added to the leaflet that has come into the Group’s possession, via Keith Hardy. I have added these names in brackets.

‘It may be the effects of four-and-a-half years of war, but there is no doubt that racing has greatly increased in popularity in Saxilby. The Authorities, recognising this, have granted a licence for a meeting on Monday, April 7th, 1919.

There are two races on the card (the District and Parish Council elections), but interest mainly centres on the “Parish Handicap”, for which ten prizes are offered, which has gained an entry of seventeen horses.

Expected to face the starter are – Red Bike (Arthur Middleton, whose grocer's shop is now the Chinese Takeaway), J.P. (Dickerson Lang JP of Rose Villa), Food Production (Joseph Jackson, landlord of the Sun), Dutch Oven (William Miller, grocer and draper, whose shop is now the Post Office), Ucal (William Dennis, chemist and photographer, Trinity House, High Street), The Corporal (William Cooper, baker, confectioner and miller. His shop and bakery is now One Stop), The Gardener (Jim Horton, Market Gardener), Spring Clean (Joe Vasey, Plumber), Black Mo (Edgar Bonser, Iron Turner, employed by H J West, Refrigeration Engineers of Sykes Lane), Super Phosphate (Herbert Poole, drainage labourer), The Striker (Thomas Ingall, employed as a labourer at Saxilby Malt House (in the grounds of Fossdyke House), The Ganger (Charles Oxby, a railway platelayer), Farmer Giles (William Wells, farmer), Weekly Visitor (John Clifford, an insurance agent, who lived on South Parade), Casey's Pride (Arthur Flemington, manager at West's Works), Alfred the Great (Alfred Hefford, retired manager of West's Works), and The Puncher (George Bingham, a bricklayer's labourer).

Arthur Middleton (‘Red Bike’)

Arthur Middleton’s Shop (left) and the United Free Methodist Church opposite

William  Miller’s Shop (now the Post Office)

336 votes were cast on election day. The successful candidates, and the number of votes received were - Dickerson Lang JP (179), William Dennis (172), William Miller (162), Edgar Bonser (158), Arthur Middleton (147), Herbert Poole (136), Charles Oxby (131), Joseph Jackson (118), Thomas Ingall (110) and Joe Vasey (99). Edward Spencer (a local farmer) and William Dennis were elected as District Councillors.

At the Annual Meeting of the Council held on 16 April, William Miller was elected Chairman, with William Dennis as Vice-Chairman. Herbert Sutcliffe was confirmed as Clerk, at a salary of £35 per annum.