Saxilby and District History Group

Our Village Crest

In the early 20th century, the village was 'invaded' every weekend by hundreds of fisherman from the Sheffield area.

To cater for this influx of visitors, one enterprising chemist, William Dennis, sold postcards and crested china, like that shown below.

We have no idea who designed the crest for Mr Dennis, but this theme was developed later in the 20th century.

The Parish Council chairman's chain of office was presented by Marjorie Ford in 1975. Marjorie was the deputy head of Saxilby Schools. The medallion has four motifs, representing a Lincolnshire Poacher, Saxilby Church, a Lincoln Red cow with corn to represent mixed farming, and a barge on the Fossdyke.

Marjorie’s husband Geoff was serving as Parish council chairman at the time, and had gone home from a meeting one night and told her that a chain of office for the chairman had been discussed, but that under the present economic climate, the council did not feel justified in buying one.

The inscription reads ‘In thankfulness for her parents, the late Coun. Mrs H M Clark and the late Ald. F H Clark, and her husband Coun. G H Ford.’.

Marjorie presented the chain to members of the council (including her husband!) on 20th March 1975.

Geoff Ford died in 1983, having served as a parish councillor since 1955.

A village sign to be erected in his honour was discussed at a parish council meeting in January 1984.

Possible sites were discussed, one at the corner of High Street and Manor Road, and the other on a private property. In February, Marjorie Ford and her family agreed for the sign to be erected on the grassed area fronting their property at Walnut House.

Collecting tins were placed at various points in the village. The Parish council announced that the proceeds of this collection, the Geoff Ford Memorial Fund, would go towards the sign, which was finally erected later that year.

The sign, carved from oak, was repaired several times by David Cotton, and was finally replaced in 2001.